The story behind the jewelry

The Arthropoda collection was born out of love for nature. Love for ugliness, disgustingness, and screaming creatures. Love of the grass-root level and the understanding and appreciation of beauty. Love of sitting atop a tree stump and anthills. Love of cow dung and dor beetles. Love of the power of imagination.

Love of the goldsmith’s work.

The Arthropoda jewelry is made to look as natural as possible. The arthropods are life-sized, without artificial ornaments. Authenticity is an essential characteristic of the collection – authenticity that gives you pause and helps you see your surroundings through clearer eyes, down to the ground level. I hope that these pieces of jewelry help even the most faint-hearted of my species to see what I noticed as their maker: how elaborately wings are attached to the body and body parts to each other – the legs, leg hairs, joints, suckers, feelers, eyes, the veins in the wings.

I hope your disgust will lessen. I hope that you will see the Arthropoda, even the smallest ones.