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Paravespula vulgaris, a ring from our Arthropoda-collection has been chosen as one of the ten finalists in a competition called ”Vuoden Kaunein Sormus 2019”. The voting number of the ring is 10 and you can vote between 1.-31.10.2019. During that time I will actively post on our Facebook pages kultaseppä Päivi Hakkarainen and Arthropoda.

My own introduction of the finalist ring:

From time to time I feel pain for the world. My role as a goldsmith in this world is kind of futile and it’s hard to make a real change in anything. At first I started working on the Arthropoda-collection from purely selfish reasons. I wanted to test my limits as a goldsmith. I soon came to realise that my jewellery caused powerful reactions in my customers. Either the people despised the jewellery or they loved it. At extreme they even felt hate. With my collection I can change people’s views on insects.

In every piece on Arthropoda’s jewellery I have put in all my expertise and years and years of experience. I have done my absolute best to make jewellery that can make you stop for a moment and realise all the beauty in the insects that we are currently destroying.

Arthropoda isn’t just one ring. It’s a collection that makes us celebrate nature and all its uniqueness.

You can vote by the link: https://www.haat.fi/artikkeli/aanesta-vuoden-kaunein-sormus-2019

The prize of this contest is 3000€. If we win, the whole amount will be donated to Societas Entomologica Fennica and that way be directed to entomology.

You can make a difference by voting. Thank you.

Paravespula Vulgaris

585 ‰ gold

All of our gold products are made from recycled gold.


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Paravespula vulgaris
Teemu Töyrylä/Studio Töyrylä