About the jewelry

The high-quality articles in the Arthropoda collection are handmade in Finland from beginning to finish: Each item is subtly different – no two pieces are identical.
The jewelry is made to last: even the most delicate structures have been designed and made to withstand wear. Some of the parts, such as wings, may bend during use, but this is just as intended. Over time, each item becomes even more unique, taking after its user.


The products are marked in accordance with the legislation on precious metals, with a registered responsibility mark, a fineness mark and, if possible, a handicraft mark. This means that silver products include the marks PLOP (the goldsmith’s registered responsibility mark), 925 (fineness mark) and possibly the Finnish word for handicraft, ‘käsityö’. The shape of the marks for silver products is a rectangle, apart from the handicraft mark, which does not have to be in a certain format.

For gold products, the marks are PLOP, 585 or 750, and ‘käsityö’. The shape of the marks for gold products is an oval.

For further information about the marks and legislation, visit the following websites:

The Association of Finnish Goldsmiths (www.suomenkultaseppienliitto.fi)
The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) (www.tukes.fi)

What do the material markings mean?

The product pages state the materials used for the articles.

Silver alloy is 925-‰ silver, i.e. 925 thousandth parts silver, mixed with copper (this alloy is also known as sterling silver). The alloy is nickel-free.
Yellow gold alloy is 585-‰ gold (also known as 14K gold), i.e. 585 thousandth parts gold, mixed with copper and silver. The alloy is nickel-free.
White gold alloy is 585-‰ palladium white gold (14K). In addition to fine gold, silver and copper, the alloy contains palladium, which gives it its white color. This alloy is, therefore, also nickel-free.
Darkened silver is 925-‰ silver, which has been chemically darkened. The color is a dark grayish black, and it does not stain skin or clothing. The dark color will gradually wear away (scratches, etc.), revealing silver. Such wear is normal, and it only serves to highlight the three-dimensional nature of the arthropods.

The articles are packed in boxes made for this collection, which can be used to store and display the products.

Why silver darkens and other information about jewelry:
For tips on cleaning and other information on jewelry, visit the websites of The Association of Finnish Goldsmiths (in Finnish only) and the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes).